Our Holiday Plans

Hi guys, it's me again! This time, I want to tell you about me and my friend's holiday plans.

Narisha    : Hello, How are things going on?
Alyfa       : Hey, i'm feeling great today. How about you guys?
Aninditya : I'm feeling good today because holiday is coming!
Narisha    : Oh My God! I just realized that holiday is coming!
Alyfa       : Yeah, me too. Do you have any plan for holiday guys?
Aninditya: Yes, I have a plan to go to Hongkong Disneyland with my family.
Narisha    : I will spend my holiday by travelling around the world and hanging out with my                                   boyfriend. How about you, do you have any plan, Alyfa?
Alyfa       : I have a plan to spending my holiday in Europe to see football cup with my daddy! I'm so                   excited and i can't wait for it!
Aninditya:Which country that you gonna visit first, Narish?
Narisha   : I will going to France first, then I will going to see Ariana Grande's concerts in …

Thank You Mr. Asep!!

Today i want to tell you about my blessing experience when i was in elementary school.
           One day, in the morning before i go to school, my mom and my dad said that after me and my sister finished school that day, we will go to Jakarta to visit uncle's house. So, I was very happy that day, I was so excited and felt like i want to go home immediately. When school had finished, it's 12.00 and i immediately wait in front of school gate to be picked up. My friend ask me to go home together, I refused that, I said that i will be picked up by my father. After waited a bit longer, and my friends have gone one by one, I felt worried because my dad had not come yet. It's 13.30 and my dad had not come to picked me yet, i felt very worried. There was no one in the school, there is only a security guard.
           When it's 14.00 i felt so worried and i cried, and then a security, Mr. Asep Kusnadi came to me and ask me why am I crying. Then, i said "My dad…

When I met Alyfa:)

Hi! I'm Ditha. I want to tell you a story about me when I met my friend for the first time.        One day, in my class, i saw a girl difficult to tidy up the book. Then I decided to help her, I approached that girl.  Aninditya: Hello, can I help you?  Alyfa       : Sure, Thank you! Aninditya: Why did you tidy up this book? Alyfa       : My teacher told me to tidy up this books, so that this class can look neat. Aninditya: By the way, what's your name?  Alyfa       : My name is Alyfa Siti Aulia Syaputri, but you can call me Alyfa. How about you? What's                   your name? Aninditya: My name is Aninditya Zahira Widyanti, you can call me Ditha.  Alyfa       : Where school do you from?  Aninditya: I am from 7 Junior High School. You? Alyfa       : I am from BPI Junior High School. Where is 7 Junior High School?  Aninditya: 7 Junior High School is in Jalan Ambon Number 23. How about your school? Where is                       BPI Junior High School? Alyfa     …

All About Me

Hai, my name is Aninditya Zahira Widyanti, you can call me Ditha. I was born in New Castle, Australia, 9th of January 2002. I am 15 years old. I live and grow up in Bandung. I'm a student of 3 Senior High School Bandung. I love swimming, watching movies, listening music, and sleeping. I have one older sister, her name is Annasya, you can call her Citha. She is 17 years old. She is a student of 1 Senior High School Bandung. I love my family so much, i love to spend my time with them.          In weekend, I love to spend my time with my family at home, we love to watch movie together, cook some food together, or just telling stories about anything. My dad is a super kind person, my mom is a very smart woman, she can do anything. She teach me everything. She love to cook so much, my mom's cooking is delicious. My sister is an independent person, she does almost all her work by herself.
        If you guys are curious why i could be born in Australia, let me tell you. Aft…